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The Gown and Beyond

Sep 27, 2018

Very excited to invite my good friend Hope, a 30 year veteran of the bridal gown industry, to sit down and discuss how the experience has changed over that time frame, what pitfalls she sees brides-to-be struggling with today, and advice to help you find that perfect dress.

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Sep 13, 2018

Ramona and Marissa review the different types of group that show up to the salon for the bridal dress shopping experience.  Brides should have a loving and supportive group when making this important decision, but often these groups can put undue stress on the bride and the consultant.  Keep these in mind when...

Sep 6, 2018

What helps a bride find the perfect dress. What factors should be checked off her list and what will facilitate you finding the perfect wedding gown. Ramona and Marissa cover the prerequisite to think about so you know how and when to say yes to the dress.

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